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Flag Football 2018

Registration closes today

The Bobcats have partnered with NFL Play 60 where the focus of our program continues to center around instilling positive sportsmanship, player and teammate development, and most importantly having FUN. The Bobcats offer leagues / divisions for grades K-8th. Our coaches are encouraged to give players the opportunity to rotate positions and share equal playing time.
The 2018 plans to offer team and individual events at the end of the season, including a “Punt, Pass, Kick” competition as well as a “Super Bowl” and an option “Pro Bowl” game for selected players.

Program Details
9 Week Season (for past participants, format to follow 2017 season)
Practices to begin first week of August (days and # of practices vary by coach)
Games expected to begin the August 19th concluding the 3rd week of October. Field locations will be Freedom, Andrew High School, McCarthy Park, and Helen Keller School.
All games played in Tinley Park (Andrew High School, Freedom Field, and Guenther Field)
Program Cost - $135. Multi-sport discount of $15 off of Indoor registration if you participate in both the Fall Outdoor and the Winter Indoor football program.
Mandatory $50 helmet purchase / $25 rental soft helmet (rugby type) required.
Player safety is a top concern for parents and for the Bobcat organization. In 2018 we will continue our partnership with Rock Solid helmets, where players will be required to wear a Rock Solid helmet (includes bobcat logo). If you previously purchased a helmet through the bobcats then you may continue to use that helmet.
Uniforms to include jersey, shorts, and football socks that align to team / uniform. Players can wear baseball / football pants if they prefer.
Players get to keep their flags / belts once the season is complete.

Flag Football Indoor 2018

7 on 7 passing league – 3rd /4th /5th grade division
8 week program beginning 11/1 – runs through 12/20.
Games planned for Tuesdays at 7pm except for week 1 where game would be Wed 11/1.
Games would be 25 minute running halves, 5 minute half time, 1 hour per game field time.
Enrollment Fee - $155 (plus $50 soft helmet cost if not previously purchased, or $25 rental)
Candy Fundraiser

Fall Baseball 2018

Registration closes in 3 days

• Cost $100 all age levels
• Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and Pony age levels (playing what you’ll be NEXT year)
• Practices will start end of August and games start week after labor day.
• 2 games a week (1 during the week and 1 on weekend)
• Will be playing other local organizations.
• Uniform will consist of t-shirt, hat and socks. Use own in-house pants (grey) and belt.
• Fundraiser is selling candy.

Fall Soccer 2018

Registration closes in 3 days

o Freshman (Pre-K to Kindergarten) - $115.00
o Sophomore (1st & 2nd Grade) - $115.00
o Junior (3rd - 5th Grade) - $125.00
o Senior (6th - 8th Grade) - $125.00
o Optional $30 credit if you reuse your uniform (black and yellow reversible) from previous years.

Mandatory Participation: I understand and agree that in registering my child(ren) in the Tinley Park Bobcats programs, I will insure the sale/purchase of Association-approved and distributed fundraiser for the sole intent and purpose of raising funds for the Association. Waiver: I understand that I may elect to pay an additional $40.00 at the time of registration and, in doing so; my required participation in the candy sale is waived.

2018 Fall Softball

Fall Softball
Bobcat Families,
We will see where registration is at at end of July and if there is not enough interest due to conflict with other Fall Sports we will consider putting together a 6 week Fundamental program starting outdoors and ending indoors with focus on all aspects of the game at each level. We will update you closer to end of July. Monkey Survey to follow in the coming week to also check interest.

Fall Challengers Baseball 2018

The Tinley Park Bobcat Challengers is a division for young athletes and their families who do not allow developmental disabilities prevent them from participating in the national pastime. The goal is simple…give everyone a chance to play baseball. This league is not about competition; rather, it is about something greater…sportsmanship, teamwork, and accomplishment.

“We have many different special children with diagnoses including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Angelman Syndrome, Down’s Syndrome, Neurofibromatosis, and many, many more.” quotes Coach Granata. “Each player is an All-Star and will play in an end of the year All Star Game.”

Getting Help

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